Thursday, 6 January 2011

Principles of Animation- (Follow through and overlapping action)

The principle of overlapping and follow through sorts out the problem of a character moving naturally. when a person like you or me come to a stop all out limbs torso head and feet don't all stop at the same time. there are many different timings in the human body the feet will often stop first then the torso and head and then the arms would catch up. Also if a character has a prop like a hat, tail or long skirt anything that will have drag or follow through action in it, can be used as and overlapping action and breath more life into a characters movement.

The Historical example I have chosen is from Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty' 1959. right from the beginning of the video shows cloths moving after and action has taken place. it gives a richness and complexity when many parts of a drawing are moving at different rates.

Secondly I have chosen and example from Pixar's 'Incredibles' 2004. again focusing on clothing because it shows such great follow through action. Giving and illusion of inertia in the that the clothing has a force or energy acting on it. the example is at 0:47. if you notice the coat peter is holding on his left hand side swings back and forth as he walks but lags behind his arm movement.

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