Thursday, 6 January 2011

Principles of Animation - (Anticipation)

Anticipation is the action a character does in order to allow the audience to read what the character will do next. It can be a large anticipated action like a character ready to kick a ball or jump there has to be something to let the audience know there is an action about to take place. these don't have to be as obvious, they can be as simple as a small facial gesture a turn of the hips and many more. I have chosen an example from a 1950's Disney cartoon Donald duck -Trailer Horn. Fig.1 below.

The specific example that i have noticed begins at 3:20 in the video. It shows Donald bouncing on a diving board his body anticipates hitting the board again and again as well has the initial
step onto the board to begin it bouncing. I am comparing it to a contemporary example 2003's 'Animatrix' -World record. shows a much more true to life drawing style then Donald duck. there is this fantastic sequence 1:22 where a sprinter is running in "slow motion" there is a sense of power and weight much like Donald ducks springing anticipation. this adds life to the actions of the characters especially visible in 'Animatrix'.

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