Thursday, 6 January 2011

Disney's Principles of Staging to evoke emotion within an audience.

As well as establishing the Principles of Animation, Disney have set nine principles to get the most out of the principle of staging, mainly having relevance of evoking emotion within an audience.
  1. Rear view - for example viewing characters looking off into the distance will leave the audience imagining their feelings and dreams (if it is a happy scene of course) along with them
  2. Shadows - usually associated with suspense and drama.
  3. Shadows over the character - works well in intense situations and heightens the drama and emotion
  4. Overlays - for example characters pushing their way through something whilst distraught can help the intensity of the scene without having to focus on facial expressions too much.
  5. Dramatic layout - If the layout of the scene relate to how the character is feeling eg. overpowering shapes whilst feeling insignificant, can heighten the audiences understanding and emotions.
  6. Pictorial shot - "A background with a strong mood can save a difficult animation."
  7. Effects animation - Falling rain, a storm, vivid colours of leaves can evoke strong emotions within an audience.
  8. Held drawing with camera moves - When expressions cannot be strengthened by movement it can sometimes be beneficial to move the camera instead.
  9. Offstage sounds - a still shot of something can portray a lot if the sounds the audience hears can build images in the imagination.

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