Thursday, 6 January 2011

Flash Project

Here is an explanation of the principles I have used to create this piece.

Fig 1 planning the animation

Principles I have followed within this animation:
  1. Cycle - walk cycle. (see Fig 3) considering weight shift (see Fig 2) helps the understanding of where the head and stomach placement would be, especially considering this character is fat and round.
  2. Secondary Action - arms move when character is walking (yoyo) head moves in sympathy with arm movement. (Reaction character) when hit with yoyo characters arms and head fly backwards.
  3. Staging - Camera is at first focused only on character who finds the yoyo, it is only when the yoyo flies out of shot that the camera then switches to the reactionary character making it less obvious what was to happen.
  4. Anticipation - arm lifts before pushing downwards to use yoyo and arm swings back before throwing yoyo off screen.
  5. Squash and Stretch/Exaggeration - when yoyo hits reactionary character the stomach squashes but in an over exaggerated way to make the scene look more effective.
  6. Follow through and overlapping action - when the character stops walking his arm carries on moving. When the yoyo comes back up it carries on travelling upwards after characters arm starts moving downwards again. Characters body has to go back to a resting position after forcing forwards to throw yoyo.
  7. Timing - yoyo will move at a much faster speed to everything else.
Fig 2 exaggerated weight shift

         Fig 3 simple walk cycle

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